Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills

June 15, 2018

Catherine Hayley is saving up for an important purchase: an improved version of the tiny digital pump at her waist that delivers lifesaving insulin under her skin.

Such devices, which tailor insulin dosing more precisely to the body’s...

The $2.7 Trillion Medical Bill

June 14, 2018

Deirdre Yapalater’s recent colonoscopy at a surgical center near her home here on Long Island went smoothly: she was whisked...

American Way of Birth, Costliest in the World

June 14, 2018

Seven months pregnant, at a time when most expectant couples are stockpiling diapers and choosing car seats, Renée Martin was...

In Need of a New Hip, but Priced Out of the U.S.

June 14, 2018

Michael Shopenn’s artificial hip was made by a company based in this remote town, a global center of joint manufacturing. But he had to fly to Europe to have it installed.

Mr. Shopenn, 67, an architectural photographer and avid snowboarder...

The Soaring Cost of a Simple Breath

June 14, 2018

The kitchen counter in the home of the Hayes family is scattered with the inhalers, sprays and bottles of pills that have allowed Hannah, 13, and her sister, Abby, 10, to excel at dance and gymnastics despite a horrific pollen season that has set...

As Hospital Prices Soar, a Stitch Tops $500

June 14, 2018

With blood oozing from deep lacerations, the two patients arrived at California Pacific Medical Center’s tidy emergency room. Deepika Singh, 26, had gashed her knee at a backyard barbecue. Orla Roche, a rambunctious toddler on vacation with her...