Michigan ACE Initiative Launches New Video

June 26, 2018

The Michigan ACE Initiative is focused on expanding efforts toward a statewide awareness of the Adverse Childhood Experiences and our new video will help increase that awareness--and showcase the work being done to create trauma informed...

Price transparency is sound health-care policy

June 26, 2018

Americans agree on one thing: health care costs too much, both individually and to our nation. In 1960, the average U.S. health care cost per person was $146. As a nation, we expended $27.2 billion, which represented 5 percent of GDP. Fast...

Healthcare costs increasing at unsustainable pace

June 26, 2018

Medical costs are poised to continue their relatively flat growth in 2019, but researchers say the steady trend is unsustainable for consumers.

The expected 6% growth in 2019 aligns with the 5.5% to 7% trend over the past five years—a...

Solutions to Michigan's opioid epidemic

June 26, 2018

Last week, the Michigan state legislature passed a law prohibiting physicians from prescribing more than a seven-day supply of opioids. Across the state and the country, lawmakers at both the local and national levels have been searching for...

The Odd Math of Medical Tests: One Scan, Two Prices, Both High

June 18, 2018

Len Charlap, a retired math professor, has had two outpatient echocardiograms in the past three years that scanned the valves of his heart. The first, performed by a technician at a community hospital near his home here in central New Jersey,...

How the High Cost of Medical Care Is Affecting Americans

June 18, 2018

•A bill of over $40,000 for the 20 minutes it took a doctor to stitch a cut.

• An ambulance ride of only 200 feet that cost $3,421.

• A healthy, insured couple “slowly going under” because their premiums, co-pays and deductibles are...