The Odd Math of Medical Tests: One Scan, Two Prices, Both High

June 18, 2018

Len Charlap, a retired math professor, has had two outpatient echocardiograms in the past three years that scanned the valves of his heart. The first, performed by a technician at a community hospital near his home here in central New Jersey,...

How the High Cost of Medical Care Is Affecting Americans

June 18, 2018

•A bill of over $40,000 for the 20 minutes it took a doctor to stitch a cut.

• An ambulance ride of only 200 feet that cost $3,421.

• A healthy, insured couple “slowly going under” because their premiums, co-pays and deductibles are...

Front-line medical providers say Michigan’s Medicaid expansion helped patients’ health and ability to work

June 18, 2018

Extending medical insurance to low-income Michigan residents meant they had better access to health care, earlier detection of serious illnesses, better care for existing health problems and improved ability to work, attend school and live...

Even Small Medical Advances Can Mean Big Jumps in Bills

June 15, 2018

Catherine Hayley is saving up for an important purchase: an improved version of the tiny digital pump at her waist that delivers lifesaving insulin under her skin.

Such devices, which tailor insulin dosing more precisely to the body’s...

The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs Are Soaring

June 15, 2018

There is little that Dr. Lindsay Irvin has not done for the children’s vaccines in her office refrigerator: She remortgaged her home to afford their rising prices. She packed them in ice chests and moved them when her office flooded this year....

After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know

June 15, 2018

Before his three-hour neck surgery for herniated disks in December, Peter Drier, 37, signed a pile of consent forms. A bank technology manager who had researched his insurance coverage, Mr. Drier was prepared when the bills started arriving: $56,...