January 5, 2017



To act as a key resource to the Senior Leadership team in assessing the financial condition of HAP Midwest Health Plan and in the development of the strategic and financial direction of the organization. To direct all aspects of the Finance & Accounting department, that includes treasury management, budgeting, reporting, audit, actuarial, compliance, tax, and provider reimbursement methodology.  Recruit, develop and retain department staff for efficient and effective results.  Liaison with parent corporations (HAP & HFHS) functional departments – Accounting & Finance, Treasury Services & Risk Management.  Responsible for identifying, developing and implementing best practices and Health Plan initiatives.


  • Participate in the Senior Leadership team on strategic items with a special focus on financial matters. 
  • Effectively communicate to the HAP Midwest Senior Leadership and parent company solutions for operational/financial challenges
  • Lead team members for the accurate and timely reporting of financial results to parent company and regulatory authorities, in an environment with strong internal controls
  • Lead the data analysis effort and calculate IBNR
  • Prepare accurate GAAP and Statutory financial reports with the required deadlines
  • Ensure all financial audits and actuarial valuations are efficiently completed by agreed upon due dates
  • Is part of the Senior Leadership team, design a balanced strategic operational plan to obtain budgeted financial results and provider/customer satisfaction
  • Ensure that financial reporting systems support the business through the analysis of business segments for achieving financial performance
  • Successfully implement policy and procedures for governmental program changes
  • Serve as a resource and lead all team members by example.  Encourage others to express their ideas.
  • Mentor and develop the Accounting & Finance staff – challenge and provide an opportunity for professional and personal growth


  • Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Accounting or Finance
  • Master's Degree preferred
  • Minimum 10 years of accounting and financial experience with minimum  of five (5) years with governmental health insurance programs
  • Minimum 5 years of progressive management experience with successful leadership of human, financial and operational resources


  • CPA license preferred

Additional Skills and Abilities:

  • Anticipate accounting, financial reporting and operational issue, assess the implications, determine their impact, and develop and implement an appropriate action plan
  • Communicate (written and oral) financial information in a clear and concise manner that is understandable by non-financial Directors and staff
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills – clear and concise
  • Effectively listen to others and encourage the exchange of ideas
  • A high degree of personal integrity and professionalism that gains the trust and confidence of all team members, providers, members and parent company
  • Highly organized
  • Identify and initiate automation enhancements for team members
  • Logical thought process with strong analytical and problem-solving ability
  • Ability to initiate and lead multiple projects simultaneously and achieve results
  • Self-motivated with the ability to motivate/mentor and lead team members to desired goals
  • Ability to quickly understand and enhance all major functions within the Health Plan environment
  • Appreciation of cultural diversity and sensitivity towards team members, providers and members

Team Member Standards of Excellence:

  • Must meet or exceed core customer service responsibilities, standards and behaviors as summarized below:
  • Display a positive attitude
  • Take ownership and be accountable
  • Offer open and constructive communication
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Take pride in the system
  • Respect and be sensitive to privacy/confidentiality
  • Commit to team members
  • Honor and respect diversity
  • Maintain a clean and safe workplace environment

Leadership Competencies

  • Leadership - Listens and communicates effectively. (Be Here Now)  Coaches and mentors others. Motivates and inspires others. Has the courage to innovate. Is accessible to others. Rewards and recognizes the accomplishments of others. Demonstrates self-awareness and self-management
  • Accountability for Results and Execution - Is accountable for achieving desired results. Demonstrates confidence in decisions and executes without undue delay. Leads by example (Shadow of a Leader). Demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior. Encourages and embraces diverse cultures, ideas and opinions.
  • Strategic Planning - Aligns individual/department/business unit goals and tactics with System goals. Translates strategies into goals and action plans. Keeps team informed about the strategic direction of the organization and everyone's role in achieving that vision. Eliminates silos or boundaries that impede local and System-wide strategy development, action plan implementation, and goal achievement (Systems Thinking).
  • Member/Customer Focus - Models strong personal service excellence skills creating a "Lasting Impression" for our members and customers. Develops service skills in others, and holds others accountable to uphold the HFHS "Team Member Standards of Behavior." Creates an environment that "puts patients first by providing the quality of care and comfort we want for our families and ourselves." Seeks out and uses data from members and other customers in developing world-class processes and in continuous improvement efforts in service excellence.
  • Performance Analysis and Knowledge Management - Demonstrates competence and credibility in area(s) of responsibility (i.e., technical, professional, and, if appropriate, clinical proficiency). Understands and interprets performance reports from all pillars to drive decision-making; uses data to evaluate the potential risk and returns on investment. Actively seeks and incorporates feedback and best practices from others in order to learn and improve. Shares knowledge with others to drive organizational improvement.
  • Staff Focus - Creates a stimulating, rewarding and engaging work environment for team members. Puts the right people in the right role (or assigns the right tasks) at the right time. Encourages and challenges staff to take risks and be innovative. Supports and encourages the development of others; facilitates their personal growth and offers assistance. Celebrates achievements, contributions, and accomplishments. Demonstrates honesty and consistency in communications with staff. Create a collaborative culture by demonstrating a positive attitude and hopeful energy.
  • Process Management and Focus on Safety - Sets expectations and targets that are aligned with system goals in the areas of member safety and quality. Seeks and practices continuous improvement of products, services and processes. Is an agent of change (e.g., challenges the status quo; suggests alternative solutions to challenging problems, supports others with change). Creates an environment where people feel "safe" to speak up and speak out about safety issues and/or inappropriate behaviors. Follows guidelines of local and System-wide quality and safety initiatives, such as the No Harm campaign. Models and strictly enforces personal safe practices (e.g., hand-washing).

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