The Michigan Association of Health Plans is a nonprofit corporation established to promote the interests of member health plans. But those interests extend far beyond the plans themselves. The mission of the Michigan Association of Health Plans (MAHP) is “to provide leadership for the promotion and advocacy of high quality, affordable, accessible health care for the citizens of Michigan.”

MAHP and members embrace the changes that are occurring at the state and federal level.  But we do so with caution.  The regulatory and statutory onslaught of changes affecting the health insurance industry is unprecedented.  This change agenda has been an ongoing focus and concern within our industry for a number of years and will undoubtedly continue.  We understand that the risk of unintended consequences is high.  We also understand that one of the unintended consequences of our past system--the continued shifting of cost--is too high a price to ignore any longer.


  • By 2020, Michigan will provide health insurance coverage and options to more than 99% of the State’s population. Today, more than 1 million of Michigan’s citizens are without health care coverage.
  • By fostering competition, by 2020 Michigan will become one of the top 10 competitive states for health insurance.  Today we are one of the least competitive.Michigan’s health plans will demonstrate continuous quality improvement in key health status areas for Michigan’s insured citizens.
  • Michigan’s health plans are routinely considered among the very best in the nation by national benchmarking organizations in providing high quality, efficient care to their members. The well-being of Michigan’s consumers’ will continue to be our prime focus.